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No sooner did it clock 00:00Hrs tonight than I started receiving messages after messages about women’s day. It is all over the place. It is on WhatsApp Groups, Facebook walls, emails, text messages, blogs and where not? One witty message actually said, “Dear Men, although every day is a women’s day it’s an International Women’s day today. Take care.” (This means you are likely to suffer little more than any other normal day)
No matter what, I must appreciate the poetic expedition of some and the creative adventure of others. Everybody is trying to show their love and respect to women, at least by words and images. Some are only forwarding because they want to be ahead of others and some want to show that they are aware of the day. In a way, this is a good wave. This is so required in the world where we live. We live in the world where every opinion and counter-opinion holds true in given circumstances. We have gotten in to a habit of saying, ‘something can be true for me but not for others’. Relativity takes front seat and absolute values are thrown out side of the window. Is this what has happened when it comes to absolute worth of a woman too?
Why am I saying all this? I am not trying to be feminist. Feminism is too hard. I am saying this because Women’s Day is like all other things we have embraced without any question and without understanding its gravity and thinking about the impact it has on our own lives and that of others’. Do we even know why we need International Women’s Day? Do we really need it in the first place? Have we even understood who the WOMAN is? I guess we haven’t. Because if we say that we have understood then a Telugu actor and MLA N Balakrishna would not make statements like he made few days ago.
I read it this morning and I started to think about this actor’s wife. I don’t know how she has reacted to this. Is this what she wants to hear her husband say in public? Worst yet, does she really want him to do what he is doing? I don’t know her answer. If she agrees with him then is that the women we are fighting for on this International Women’s Day. And if she doesn’t, this man has shown utter disrespect to her and to the womanhood as a whole.
He has released an apology, after a police complaint was lodged. Balakrishna needs to understand that life is real, it’s not filmy. In fact, he is the one who shot at a producer in his house and police questioned his wife because the gun that was carelessly (or for a purpose?) used was licensed under his wife’s name, and he says, “He respect all women”. I think he forgot to add, ‘conditions apply’ in his statement. That is what I mean when I say relativism takes the front seat.
Are we really thinking about women around us? I think there is more to the Women’s Day than just wishes and forwarded messages. I am sure many of us have liked posts without reading them and forwarded messages without really understanding. We cannot just say Happy Women’s Day to a woman and think of her as a second grade citizen at the same time. We cannot talk of women’s dignity in public and harass them in private.
If you are someone who is going to forget about her womanhood tomorrow and thrash her, abuse her for some silly things may I suggest to you? Please do not wish her today for the sake of the day. Stop being hypocritical. Otherwise take a pledge that you are going to (absolutely) respect and (absolutely) love her under all circumstances. Unless men change, women’s position will always be a big question.
Happy Women’s Day!