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In the morning I turned my phone on and I saw, on Facebook, my friends posted about the 23 year old daughter of India passing away, media called her ‘Amanat’. I could not help myself but started crying shaken by this lost life. I did not know her. I haven’t seen her. No matter how hard I try to put all my senses together and mix it with all possible extraordinary knowledge I will not be able to understand what this girl has gone through. With all my heart and head put together I will still be at my best and understand just a fraction of her misery.
If someone asks me ‘what do you think you would do to such criminals?’ my heart will say forgive them and give them a chance to restore but my mind might say hang them. I am neither a High Court Judge nor a Messiah but as conscious human I understand one thing, this is immorality at its peak, murder of the system a million times plus one and the whole society at stake.
Newspaper, TV and social networks are hammering the issue day and night. The objective behind it is to find out “Whose fault it is?”
Is it the fault of the society that talks about the animal rights and treats human as animals? Or the society that is close to dogs in their houses but turns a blind eye to the hungry at their gate? Is government to be blamed by the citizens? Or government has a right to blame the nation? Is the western influence at fault or is there a fault in our own culture? Does it really matter to get into all of that and make a display of our own nakedness to the world? Or is it all right to bring it to the streets?
I think the solution lies with each one of us. Can we stand up and try to influence at least one man to put himself in the shoes of his mother, wife, sister or daughter and feel what they feel? Can we influence at least one woman to think and act in a way that she will not fall prey to any nonsense?
All the ladies reading this, to all the mothers, sisters, daughters here; I want you to know that you are precious, I value you for what God has made you and I respect you for who you are.
I have been reading and hearing about Amanat’s incidence and not surprised for the reactions of people all over. In fact I welcome them and congratulate all of those who are out there on streets. It is for the first time India has seen something like this and I pray it will bring a significant change. I am hopeful, very optimistic and eager to see what India is going to do. I really want to see a better January-2013 and better yet December.
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