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While talking to my brother the other day I realized something we all are often mistaken at. He shared a story about a sister. In her story filled with lot of encouragement and faith there was this unusual contradiction that confuses herself and the listeners alike. While going through all the challenges and overcoming them faithfully she had this question that troubled her all the time, “Why me God?”I hear this question repeatedly and it comes from all the age groups. In fact, off late I hear it little more than in past. Well, don’t we tend to ask this question ourselves at times? And my immediate natural response to this question is, “Tell me one reason why not you?” Honestly, I cannot recollect where and how I found this thought but it really makes a great deal of sense to me. It humbles me and tells me that I am just like every other person sharing this planet with me and I am bound to experience the consequences of all the actions and attitudes as much as all of my fellow travelers do.This and many other questions that they feel are unanswered forever. Man feels left alone without any solution to his inner ache and in his search for the answer he is lost in a hopeless endeavor until (and even after) he settles for compromised situations.Once a photographer friend of mine asked me a question, “What do you do to understand what your client wants from you?” I was very quick, “I just throw right questions at them”, I said. One of the keys that I consider very important as an artist is that whether I ask right questions before putting my hands to actual work.

I think this principle applies to life in general. Most of the time we go on asking wrong questions to life and often we wonder why there is no relevant answer in place. Have you asked Right Questions to Life? If you did you would have had all the right answers on you.