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I often look at people and observe their talents and way of thinking. Sometimes I am stunned by the amount of knowledge they have and sometimes by the lack of it.
Recently I visited a family and I met a little girl (age 12) and I love her for what she is. This little girl told me that she had been to a doctor and he had her X-ray done and told that there is a problem with her paranasal sinuses and that is why she has the problems that she has. I stood there, wondering, how on earth these kids get all that? Not more than a decade ago average adult did not even know what sinus was. These kids know a lot more than many adults in their 30s.
When it was said in early 90’s that world of information will be available on the handheld devices and that even TV would be a part of your phone, I thought that statement was little too exaggerated. So phonny (funny), I am posting this article from my phone.
So much information we have at hand. Kids are learning at a pace humanity had hardly imagined they would. They are being served (or bombarded?) with so much knowledge and they learn to play with words at very early age. No wonder approximately every day 15 words are being added to English language alone. Thanks to young minds. They learn to use and abuse all that is offered and we can see this generation is smarter(you decide +ve or -ve) than ours. In fact every generation is smarter than the previous.
What are we actually doing to them and what are we doing to ourselves? The Bible says many shall run to and fro and the knowledge shall increase. I remember few years back while doing small survey about our education system I had read that more than 70 % of engineers that produce every year are not fit to be hired. Its time that we wake up and teach the next generation to be wise and not just to accumulate so called ‘Knowledge’. “Sell everything and buy Wisdom! Forage for Understanding! Don’t forget one word! Don’t deviate an inch!”, says Proverbs 4:5