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Pictures Inspire

Normally I do not sit in front of the television with the intention to watch programs or movies. A couple of days back I happened to watch few parts of some of the TV serials, absolutely ACCIDENTALLY. In Hindi cinema and TV serials there was a time when the story... read more

Anyway, You are all mine.

I always have a lot to speakno time to listen, almostBut it’s me who complainsthere is nobody that hears I’ll better keep my mouth shutand listen to what you want to sayI may not be able to give you anythingJust happy, if I could at least share your pain... read more

Hearing hearts has nothing to do with iPODs

I have noticed it many times before and I see it everyday around me. This time I was on the way back to Pune from Kolhapur the other day. I was traveling on a bus and everyone in the bus who was in reach of my sight was on phone for most of the time throughout the... read more

Problem of Being Right

My heart moved in pain when I read the story of a Chinese boy that sold his kidney to buy an iPad2. The story is here: Just a 17 year boy did something I cannot even imagine that someone... read more

Right from early school days we are often asked to write on our hobbies. Our hobbies reflect our character. Habits, many times, explain what is a particular person more inclined to or what is he less interested in. People know you by what you pay attention to and what... read more

One of my friends and I were talking about the characteristics of the people from different countries of the world. One thing that strikes me most was that he said, “I like to read faces but I have noticed that it’s very hard to read people from certain parts of the... read more