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One of my friends and I were talking about the characteristics of the people from different countries of the world. One thing that strikes me most was that he said, “I like to read faces but I have noticed that it’s very hard to read people from certain parts of the world because they have very mixed emotions or rather they do not express themselves easily to others”.

As a human being we all have mastered the art of putting on faces. People learn it and do it by their experience to achieve something and we say they are diplomatic. Some do it deliberately to mislead others is what we may call a shrewd. Large number of people in one group commonly found everywhere is that who do it because they do not want others to know their short comings and want to portray themselves more than what they are, though not all the time but definitely some times. Now, have you just said to yourself? “This is me, probably”. I wouldn’t want to call you a name. 🙂

Many philosophers, spiritual teachers and motivational speakers have talked enough about this and many are still doing that. For us the irony in learning is that we fail to apply the truth in life in spite of the fact that we have perfectly understood everything.

When I sit down every evening and ask myself, “Anil, did you try to pretend to be something that you are not in order to just please someone?” I proudly answer, “NO” but I am scared what if I haven’t known. What if I haven’t known that I did pretend?

Now read this carefully because when you look around next time you are sure to get astonished.

Today when I think about the attitudes that we carry my heart is troubled. Abusing and accusing has become our habit. Cheating is fashion. While we talk all sorts of good things about others doubts override and trusting becomes an utter joke. We act against our own nature so often. We change faces now and then. So many different faces we have and we try to figure out who we are. Isn’t every person a Face-book himself? An album that contains different faces of THE SAME person again and again on every single page?

It is so wonderfully written: ‘The king is the friend of all who are sincere and speak with kindness.’ Proverbs 22:11

If my heart stays sincere and my speech is kind I am offered a friendship of the king. If we all do that we all can be the common friends of the king sitting at his table in a grand fellowship each one of us with only one true face. Oh! It’s so wonderful.

It is not that there is no one trustworthy for anything at all. We are made in God’s image and He is trustworthy. Even a fraction of His trustworthiness in us can do wonders in this world. So, go ahead. Try something good for somebody and feel the difference that others find it difficult to feel. God has kept wonderful people around you and he loves them. Jump high, make merry and give glory to God because he has blessed you with huge bunch of good people. He has blessed me with many such.