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Right from early school days we are often asked to write on our hobbies. Our hobbies reflect our character. Habits, many times, explain what is a particular person more inclined to or what is he less interested in. People know you by what you pay attention to and what are the things that you just don’t want to get into.

You may be somebody who jumps in the discussion if they are talking about cricket, soccer, tennis or any other sports you may like. And they know that you follow sports. If you don’t give in for the discussion they say you are not interested. You may be someone who likes to talk about politics of your country. There are people who will sit with you for a long time if you are talking about movies. There are people who like to share thoughts with you if you are a reader. There are people that stop to listen to jokes. There are people that like to take part in office gossips. There are people that are sweet spoken, there are people that abuse. There are people who are helpful, there are people who just misuse. Some are childish others proud. Some are intelligent others seem foolish. Some care and some simply neglect. Some like certain food and others don’t. The list is big. I have mentioned very few here.

One instance in my family last year made me aware of the fact that people still think that ‘I may get angry very easily’. In fact this was my nature. My habit. My character. As a teenager I used to get angry quickly and that earned me an image of a short-tempered person. It will be useless to go and tell everyone every time that I am not angry on them unless my response to the situation shows that. They judge me by my response.

So, it is crucial for me to know how I respond to different things every day. My repetitive response to certain situations or things becomes my habit. Ovid says, “Habits change into character”. Now, it is even more important to give some time to think about those habits and their effects. They are my KRAs. My Key Response Areas. My response talks about my temperament. My response talks about my understanding. My response tells who I am. My Key Response Areas are something that needs my attention. And they are what shape the man inside me.