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Early morning one Sunday when I traveled in the city visiting churches in different parts of the town regarding some promotional activity for a meeting we had planned a week ahead. It has been an opener in one of the churches I entered.
As I entered the building I saw a girl sitting inside the front lobby right opposite the door. I walked by the counter and started talking to a friend about the upcoming event. While I was discussing with the people I noticed that the girl was staring at me with a strange look. I thought I have met her somewhere before. Ignoring her I went on talking with the friends there, as it was important for me for that moment.
On the way back from there I remembered that it was the same girl with whom I fought on a petty issue of the services provided by her telecom company on one of my phones.
Today I was in front of her like a nice, socially responsible person and not the same crazy fellow she met the other day.
I learnt a lesson, this is how we are? Why can’t we see ourselves behave masked off rather than showing our masks which has different colors every single moment…?
It’s hard to just be yourself………every day, isn’t it?