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Normally I do not sit in front of the television with the intention to watch programs or movies. A couple of days back I happened to watch few parts of some of the TV serials, absolutely ACCIDENTALLY.

In Hindi cinema and TV serials there was a time when the story revolved around a person or two. Almost always this person was an upright character with a very positive attitude and helping others around him and that made them a Hero or a Heroine of the play. We had at least handful stories that inspired us, fed our minds and helped us think wisely and many of us learnt lessons through them.

Today the picture is completely different. People have changed the ways they made movies and so did movies as far as making a change in people is concerned.

After reading reviews on few such serials I found out that most of them feature more of the cruel and cunning characters being dominant over others and simple ones suffering all the time. Casts are being awarded for their efforts to bring these issues of old times on the screen is if they were never known to the world and production houses are making money by wasting the time of the women sitting in our homes.

If we dig a little dipper and try to find out the reason behind this then we will come up with one thing that will say, “We need something new, we need change”. They say change is good. I hardly see it around. I see bad things changing to worse and good things slowly disappear. In this fast changing world we are so busy entertaining our hearts that we forget all old good things that were once close to that same heart. In the whole process of these changing pictures in front of our eyes we end up changing our mind frame every next moment.

We are not sure whether our kids will come back in the evening with the same mind frame that they left the house in the morning. Kids are not sure what will change their dad’s mind next moment. Wives are afraid about the fluctuating thoughts of their husbands and husbands are no more shocked by wives’ every other forgotten decision.

Fast paced picturesque world is responsible to this at large. They are making more movies, more serials, more reality shows, more news these days and more channels coming up to air them. Last decade must have produced more of it than all of them produced in the history put together. Obliviously it has a bigger impact too; at least the viewership data says so.

King David said, “I will set nothing wicked before my eyes”. I am sure he knew, ‘whatever I see affects my thoughts and then my actions and my living’.

Can I be little sensible to think what is placed before mine eyes and be careful about how it inspires me?

It really depends on what I see. Oh! The pictures inspire me.

In India thousands of hours are wasted in front of the idiot box or in cinema halls and pondering over uncountable useless things after watching it. Do I have to explain what the outcome is?