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Will You #BeBoldForChange?

Yesterday I received an SMS that said, Did you know that women’s day was initially planned for 6th of March but it took 2 days for all the women to finish all their make-up and it was inevitably delayed to 8th.
You see? Even when we are celebrating women’s day we need to have a joke on women.
Will You #BeBoldForChange?

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To Every Women that MUST BE Loved and Respected

No sooner did it clock 00:00Hrs tonight than I started receiving messages after messages about women’s day. It is all over the place. It is on WhatsApp Groups, Facebook walls, emails, text messages, blogs and where not? One witty message actually said, “Dear Men,... read more

Every generation is smarter than the previous

I often look at people and observe their talents and way of thinking. Sometimes I am stunned by the amount of knowledge they have and sometimes by the lack of it. Recently I visited a family and I met a little girl (age 12) and I love her for what she is. This little... read more

India has lost an “Amanat”

In the morning I turned my phone on and I saw, on Facebook, my friends posted about the 23 year old daughter of India passing away, media called her ‘Amanat’. I could not help myself but started crying shaken by this lost life. I did not know her. I haven’t seen her.... read more